AsTW 2021 Report by MOMOKA MATSUSE

The reason I decided to participate this program was insignificant. First, before being graduate school student, I would like to improve my ability of discuss in English for better study. Second, I liked the movie “Bad Genius” in Thailand, so I was interested in the country “Thailand”.
The first day of AsTW, I was so nervous. “Can I talk with other excellent students?” “Can I understand what teacher or other student says?” In addition, this year was the first time that AsTW was held online. Surely, sometimes I feel hard or tired. However, the most important thing that I learned is studying something new is always hard but interesting. It will help myself in the future.
In the morning, I took Malay language class. During my bachelor time, I learned English, Russian language, ancient Greek language and Latin language. So, Malay is my 6th language. In this class, there were only 5 students, but we studied actively. In the first day, we cannot say anything. However, the last day, we could do easy presentation. With gentle teacher and good friends, I could have a good time.
In the afternoon, I took the class of “multiculturalism”. I learned a lot from not only great lecturers but also other friends. I experienced the class of discussion, clinical psychology, all about ASEAN, dispute solution and so on. Among these topics, I was interested in dispute solution, so I wrote it as a final report. Listening to friends’ final presentation helped me study more. For example, ASEAN literatures, Vietnamese films, Sepak takraw are interesting for me.
Cultural exchange is one of the most exciting classes. We enjoyed Muay Thai, cooking, quiz, and fashion show. Through this cultural exchange, I could get along with everyone.
Now, after finishing AsTW 2021, I think that this program is the best place to study language, communication skills, multiculturalism, and make nice friends. This experience is my treasure. This is my first time to keep listening or speaking English for a long time. However, I could join all the class actively with friendly participants. I appreciate that I could be a member of AsTW. Thank you. I hope that this pandemic finish soon, and meet with many friends offline.