AsTW 2022 Report by NASIR Usama

I have been a quote writer since I joined my university to encourage the other students with the help of motivation. Usually, I use the inspirational quote to my fellows “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you”.
The proposed “AsTW” program appeals to me since it addresses Asian language and multiculturalism, Asian studies, and study trips, all of which encourage me to be a part of this opportunity.
I always worked as a team leader and youth leader, but this program enhances teamwork by addressing multiculturalism, Asian studies, and Japanese language on a regular activity-based learning. As an attendee at AsTW, I will be prepared to get a more advanced knowledge of Asian studies and culture creative ideas and will have the opportunity to participate directly in the activities of culture sharing.
The most significant reason to impart a multidisciplinary and international approach via multiculturalism to high-level students is the competence of the Asian in Today’s World Program. During the program, I received advanced training to develop critical thinking, multiculturalism, Japanese language, creativity, leadership, and transferable skills. The Japanese language course enabled me to demonstrate my interest by exploring their culture in a friendlier manner as we made presentations on the last day. I will make a concerted effort to share my Japanese knowledge, cultural experience, recoupling, teamwork, and learning with other country fellows, which will serve as a source of global relations and up-bringing work for the Asian studies and multiculturalism.
So far, it’s been a great start, but this is merely the beginning of what I hope to develop into something more substantial by teaching free Japanese language.
Through this unique chance, I want to achieve much more in my area to promote multiculturalism. I’ve chosen the path to greatness, and in doing so, I’ve done the best I could give in my limited resources and challenging circumstances. Following my long-term objectives, I am convinced that with this internationally recognized AsTW program, I will be able to deliver about multiculturalism, Asian studies, and Japanese language and will highly recommend this program to more students.