AsTW2019, University of Malaya

What have you enjoyed most?:
– All of them! The friends, buddies, food, melacca, KL, UM, all!
– The learning process and other once in a lifetime experience
– Learning new culture, the language of Malay, and interacting with different kinds of people was really fun. I also enjoyed the homestay and Kuala Lumpur tour because I got to experience and see many things that I can’t find in my own country. The kayaking was REALLY FUN. The other students, teachers, and buddies were really helpful during my stay and everything was really BAGUS!!! Terima kasih!!
– The diversity and engagement among participants.
– The activities after the classes which allowed us to interact with delegates from other countries and learn their culture and Malaysian culture too.

Any other comments:
– Interactive class with a really good classroom. Responsive and friendly sensei. Clear instruction, marking rubrics and expectation of learning outcome. Lectures are well prepared – handouts are very much appreciated.
– Really fun course in the introduction of food and environmental problems!
– Buddies are so kind for students. Thanks a lot.