Alliance with US Universities

CA Office is actively engaged in creating Exchange Program and Collaboration with US universities to facilitate internationalization of Kyushu University in line with its mission.


CA Office helped establish a relationship between Applied Chemistry Division of Kyushu University and UCLA’s CNSI (California Nano-System Institute) by forming official Academic Exchange Agreement between two universities as well as between the two research groups. The first symposium was held on Janurary 29 and 30, 2008 at CNSI on the topics of “Molecular Nanosystems”. About 30 researchers including 15 students of Kyushu University visited UCLA for useful and active discussions. The students were given a chance to visit several industries in Silicon Valley after the symposium. The second symposium was hels in the campus of Kyushu University on September 11, 2008.

Stanford University


San Jose State University

English Study Program

UC Davis

UC Davis Website: Click Here

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