English Training for Teachers (EEP/ELITE)


The Graduate School of Engineering of Kyushu University introduced in 2010 in selected departments, and in 2011 on the school-wide level, a “global courses” curriculum with international content taught in English. Implementation of the new curriculum made clear the need to improve the environment for engineering education. The School accordingly put in place various programs to enhance the capacity of younger instructional staff; these included domestic and overseas faculty development workshops, the collection, development, and consolidation of English-based teaching materials, and exercises promoting cross-cultural understanding. The programs were supported from 2009 through 2012 by Kyushu University’s unique Enhanced Education Program (EEP), and have borne fruit.

The University in 2013 also launched the English Language Instruction for Teaching in English (ELITE) program, designed to improve understanding of engineering technology innovation in the classroom and to enable more effective learning through training in interactive lecturing methods. Under the program, Kyushu University California Office, Inc. and Graduate School of Engineering together have been organizing lectures on educational techniques, observation of lectures at an American university, and visits to universities and corporations in Silicon Valley.

For more information, please see the following Report (in Japanese).

ELITE2013 Report

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