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matuo On behalf of Kyushu University California Office, Inc., I would like to welcome and thank you for your visit to our home page.

I worked for a Japanese chemical company as a representative in the USA for over 30 years, followed by another 10 years for Kyushu University in California. The most of my carrier with the company was devoted to a new business development including a full of activities of information exchange, business and technology collaborations and licensing with US companies and universities. After working with American business environment, attending many visitors from Japan and observing Japan herself from outside, I accumulated lots of ideas, thoughts and insights to advise Japanese young people such as Kyushu University students.

Fortunately, I was asked by the past President of Kyushu University, Dr. Tisato Kajiyama, in 2002 to become an advisor to the President. Since then, my relationship with Kyushu University continued until today.

In April, 2004, Kyushu University (KU) decided to open an office in California together with in London, Munich and Seoul as a part of its global strategy. As one of alumni of Kyushu University, I was nominated to be the Director of the CA Office and started working from my home as a volunteer. All of our main programs, including QREP (“KU Robert Huang Entrepreneurship Program”) from 2006, QE+EP (“KU English+Entrepreneurship Program”) from 2007 and Distant Lecture Series, “Let’s Learn Businesses” from 2007 started during these periods. As the participants of these Programs substantially increased and their usefulness and effectiveness are recognized, Kyushu University decided to open a formal office in San Jose, CA in January, 2008. The University agreed to send a staff from April, 2008 for a one-year training.

We believe that our mission of enhancement of globalization of students, faculty and staff is important for Kyushu University and for Japan as well. We brought 500 students in QE+EP and 165 students in QREP to the Silicon Valley during the past 9 years of operation. Over 1000 students participated in the Distant Lecture Series during the same period. Worth noting is that each of Agriculture and Engineering Schools joined in this program and started sending their own students. Furthermore, We started a program of English Language Instruction for Teaching English (ELITE) for young faculties from 2013. A new program of sending more students out is being considered.

We will further strive to nurture leaders with broader views, self-establishment, proactive, comprehending culture differences, communication capability and ability to create changes and innovation.

Thank you.

Prof. Masato (Marty) Matsuo
President, Kyushu University CA Office, Inc.

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