Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Program (QREP)

QREP is an annual Silicon Valley Study Program utilizing a fund donated by Mr. Robert Huang, who graduated from Kyushu University and became very successful in the USA as the CEO and Founder of Synnex Corporation. Many other alumni joined him in contributions. The main objective of this Program is to educate students in entrepreneurship spirits including self-establishment, challenging spirits and meaning of multi-cultures. The students stay in Silicon Valley for a week, and receive lectures by visionaries of Silicon Valley and visit companies, research institutions and universities.

Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship center (QREC) and Kyushu University CA Office, Inc. have been jointly implementing QREP since 2006, and from the second QREP in 2007, Waseda University students joined Kyushu University students, which resulted in a variety of experiences.

For more information, click here to view the website.

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