【Course Registration】「Understanding the Global Agenda」(for Kyushu University students)

Understanding the Global Agenda is a required pre-learning course for CAP Online with University of Hawai`i.  This course is also open for non-CAP participants as Kyushu University KIKAN intensive course (one credit). 

This course will be conducted in English. In this course, students will cultivate their abilities to actively participate in discussions and develop logical thinking skills as well as their English speaking skills through group discussion and presentations. This course is a good opportunity for a student who is planning to join a long-term study abroad program in the future. 

Due to the current Kyushu University Guideline level, the classes on June 11 and 18 will be online. Please register the course on Moodle and check the latest information.

Course 「Understanding the Global Agenda」 KIKAN intensive course

Friday 6th period (18:30~20:00), starting from June 11, 2021

Lecturer: Prof. Hiroko Kinoshita

See syllabus on Campusmate-J


E-mail to cap-isc(at)jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp (CAP office) by Wednesday, June 9.

※E-mail title: 基幹教育総合科目「グローバル・アジェンダへの理解」受講申し込み
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