Contents of JLCC

Contents of JLCC

Japanese Language and Culture Course is provided by the International Student Center at Kyushu University and it is organized for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese society and culture with further opportunities to improve Japanese language skills for conducting research in the area of Japanese studies.

The students in this course are required to complete classes such as ‘Independent Study Project (ISP)’, ‘Japanese Language and Linguistics’ and ‘Japanese Culture and Society’ offered in the International Student Center. They are also required to take at least four credits from electives which best suit their academic interests and Japanese proficiency levels. These elective classes are offered by undergraduate schools including Literature, Economics, and Law as well as General Education at Kyushu University.

Moreover, various kinds of Japanese classes (writing, speaking, kanji vocabulary, reading etc.), offered by International Student Center, are available.

Outline of Japanese Language and Culture Course

Brochure of Japanese Language and Culture Course

Student enrollment


Program period

From October to next August

Class requirements

JLCC students are required to complete the following requirements:
1.  Compulsory subjects: Independent Study Project     (ISP, 2 credits)

2.  Elective compulsory subjects:
Japanese Language & Linguistics (12 credits),
Japanese Culture & Society (12 credits)

3.  Elective subjects: at least 4 credits

See the following table.

Classes 1st Semester
Oct. – Mar.
2nd Semester
Apr. – Aug.
Compulsory subjects Independent Study Project (ISP) 2単位(30 hrs)
Elective compulsory subjects Japanese Language & Linguistics 12単位(180 hrs)
Japanese Culture & Society 12単位(180 hrs)
Elective Subjects Subjects regarding Japanese Society and Culture offered for Undergraduate Student by various departments at Kyushu University* 4単位(60 hrs or more)

<1st Semester (Oct. – Mar.)>

    • 日本語論JL101 ー「日本語の語彙と語法」 Cultural Linguistics in Modern Japanese
    • 日本語論JL102 ー「日本の文学」 Japanese Literature
    • 日本語論JL103 ー「日本語・日本文化概論A」 Introduction to Japanese Language & Culture A
    • 日本語論JL104 ー「日本映像文化論A」 Japanese Culture and Society through Visual Media A
    • 日本語論JL105 ー「日本語総合力を使おう」 Advanced Practical Japanese
    • 日本社会文化論JC102 ー「日本人と和菓子」 Advanced Japanese JC202
    • 日本社会文化論JC103 ー「現代日本の姿」 Advanced Japanese JC103
    • 日本社会文化論JC104 ー「ドラマで学ぶ日本の歴史」 Advanced Japanese JC104
    • 日本社会文化論JC105 ー「4コマ漫画にみる日本A」 Advanced Japanese JC105

<2nd Semester (Apr. – Aug.)>

    • 日本語論JL201ー「日本語のスタイルと表現」 Advanced Modern Japanese Reader
    • 日本語論JL202ー「日本語演習B」 Exercises in Modern Japanese B
    • 日本語論JL203 ー「日本語・日本文化概論B」 Introduction to Japanese Language & Culture B
    • 日本語論JL204 ー「日本映像文化論B」 Japanese Culture and Society through Visual Media B
    • 日本語論JL205 ー「日本語教育学」 Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
    • 日本社会文化論JC203 ー「現代日本と社会の姿」 Advanced Japanese JC203
    • 日本社会文化論JC204 ー「現代の小説を読む」 Advanced Japanese JC204
    • 日本社会文化論JC205 ー「4コマ漫画にみる日本B」 Advanced Japanese JC205

* Elective classes are from liberal arts and specialized subjects offered by the undergraduate schools of Literature, Economics and Law.
Students need to select at least four credits relate to their subject and Japanese level with their coordinator’s advise.
Moreover, you can take different level’s Japanese courses in the International Centre.

Integrated Classes

Kanji Classes

Speaking Classes

Writing Classes


J1                3times/week

K1+2               2times/week


J2                 3times/week


J3                 3times/week

K3                 2times/week

S3                 2times/week


J4                 3times/week

K4                 2times/week

S4                 2times/week


J5                 2times/week

K5                 2times/week

S5                 2times/week

W5                 2times/week


J6                 2times/week

K6                 2times/week

S6                 2times/week

W6                 2times/week


J7                 2times/week

K7                 2times/week

S7                 2times/week

W7                 2times/week


For details of Japanese Language Courses, please visit the official website for International Student Center.

Support System for Students:

As the JLCC coordinator, teaching staff from the International Student Center will be assigned to JLCC students for their overall support.  In addition, teaching staff from the International Student Center and Japanese Students (tutors) are also assigned to course students so that he/she can discuss matters concerning their daily life or study and communicate with Japanese students as well.

Study Trips and Other Activities

Study trips and other activities are provided to visit Japanese vultural sites and to have close contact with Japanese culture, history and nature.

Exchange with Japanese Students, Tutor

As mentioned above, a Japanese student is assigned to each course student so that he/she can consult with your tutor regarding your concerns regarding your daily life or study and communicate with Japanese students as well.

Grade Transcript, Certificate

Grade Transcript with all registered credits will be issued.  The students who have successfully completed all necessary classes will be granted a certificate.

Credit Transfer

Credits and grades earned on JLCC may be transferable to your home university academic record with the appropriate authorization.