• The chance to explore Japan and challenge yourself

The chance to explore Japan and challenge yourself

My year in the JTW program was a great experience, and one that helped propel me academically, socially, and professionally. While in Fukuoka, I made lifelong friends, developed my Japanese language ability, and had a chance to really challenge myself, adapting to life abroad. JTW offered me the opportunity for full immersion in the university and the city. I took classes in literature, economics, and art history, all in Japanese, making friends with my classmates. I was invited to join a research trip to Seoul organized through the University’s Korean Studies Center. I joined a “rakugo” comedy club, played tennis, and sang every Queen song there was in the karaoke halls of Hakozaki and Kashiihama. I interned at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and UN Habitat office, helping with art exhibitions and an international conference. JTW arranged fabulous group trips – to Kumamoto Castle, to onsen hot-springs, to the pottery villages of Saga, to Nagasaki’s Peace Park, and elsewhere. With friends, I traveled to Tsushima, Yufuin, and as far north as Kanazawa. I also became friends with so many other foreign exchange students at Kyushu University. JTW really gives you the opportunity to explore Japan and challenge yourself.

Daniel Rakove
Princeton University (USA)
JTW 2003-2004 (The 11th Class)
Consul for Political and Economic Affairs, U.S. Consulate Fukuoka (Japan)

Daniel Rakove