The best opportunity to realize my wishes

I came to Kyushu University with hopes of deepening my knowledge in my field of International Relations, getting to know new friends and experience living in Japan. The Japan in Today’s World program really gave me the best opportunity to realize these hopes and wishes. During my year with the JTW program I got to take part in classes covering a wide range of interesting subjects and topics, all while learning Japanese for the very first time through Kyushu University’s Japanese Language Courses (JACs).

For me however, some of the most exciting experiences I had during my stay at Kyushu University came through the JTW-program’s dedication to provide chances to learn outside of the classroom. During the programs numerous study trips, I got the chance to experience Zen-meditation at a monk monastery, rice harvesting with local farmers, and living with a local family through the host family program. These were all experiences that I greatly cherish and that I never would have been able to get outside of the JTW-program. I am so happy with how my year studying abroad in Japan turned out, and much of that is thanks to the JTW-program.

JTW 2018-2019 (The 25th Class)
Stockholm University