The whole experience overcame my expectations

I have decided to join the Kyushu University program in order to meet Japanese culture, technology, language and people. The whole experience overcame my expectations and I enjoyed every day of my stay.

The program was oriented to introduce all the aspects of Japan to foreigners, to give possibility to be shortly part of this amazing nation, to experience daly life of the Japanese family for 2 weeks and lastly to encourage students to complete their further studies in Japan.

I was considering to apply for my further studies in Japan and this course has shattered all my remaining doubts about it and made me to plan another trip to Japan. Another great part course was the possibility to meet people from all over the world with different field of studies and discuss with them and the lecturers the differences between their cultures, traditions, economy and so. The most surprising thing was probably the kindness of the Japanese people which even surpassed the rumors which I have heard. I definitely recommend to apply for this course, if you are even a little bit curious about anything connected to Japan and it will surely become one of your dearest memories in your life.

Marek Rychetský
Swansea University

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