SIJ 2019 | Such an amazing experience with great people

Owing to my interest in Japan culture and my desire to explore the world outside, I decided to apply to join SIJ 2019 for my last summer as a student before graduating. Surprisingly 4 weeks in Japan entirely overcame my expectations and I treasured every moment in this program from the lectures at campus to the outside adventure trips with my friends and host family.
Following the schedule, the program successfully introduced the outstanding aspects of Japan to international students. We had a better look on society, religion as well as economy through lectures and study trips. We also experienced some traditional activities like Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy and Taiko Concert to know more about culture.

Fukuoka is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to. Such a peaceful city with friendly locals honestly made me feel like home after just a few days staying there. That’s why I spent all of my weekends to explore every corner of this city.

I am so thankful to SIJ to give me the chance of knowing many super cute, super nice people there. It did not take me long time to get along with other participants in the course and we quickly had unforgettable memory, like we have known each other for a long time.

But the most grateful thing in this program is my 2 week-experience in homestay. Luckily on my first time living alone abroad, I could be treated as a daughter in a Japanese family. I used to wonder whether I could get used to a totally new family or not, but their warm welcome and great support really made me melted. Although both their English and my Japanese are not fluent and sometimes we had difficulties in conversation, we somehow could wholeheartedly connect to each other. Within only 2 weeks together, they gave me the strong motivation to learn Japanese and go back to Japan someday. I hope that one day when I meet my lovely family again, I can talk to them fluently in Japanese.

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