One of the most wonderful experience in my life

SIJ, one of the most wonderful experience in my life, which made Kyushu University as well as Fukuoka have different meanings to me. I will never forget the activity and always be grateful to you who give me the chance to enjoy it.

The story begun at the raining season of Japan, since then the scenery which I saw in movie or anime became reality I can touch.
I still remember the first day I arrived in Fukuoka, everything seemed just happened yesterday. I met my warmest and cutest tutor, Momoko, my wonderful and great roommate, Maria, and other nice guys in SIJ, whom I wasn’t familiar with that time. During the days we lived in dorm, Maria and Kiyoko, who are my best friends in SIJ, helped me and we created some interesting memory!

I also remember the first time I met my host family clearly. The boys are cute and excited. The host parents are so nice and take warm care of me. During the host days, I felt deeply happy. I like playing balls and games with two kids, as well as watching anime with them, even though without subtitles I can’t understand it sometimes. Therefore I determined when I came back China I would continue learning Japanese. That’s what I do now.

As for study, I feel a little hard at first. Because I’m not confident in my English, I try to avoid talking with others too much. However, other guys, they are so nice that they encouraged me and try to talk with me and made me not alone. I’m really touched and grateful. Since I can talk with other people without fearing about my language, I begun to work hard and understood what teachers and professors teaching us.

We also enjoyed some Japanese culture experience and travelled together to Nokonoshima Island. I’m very interested in Japanese culture so it made me very excited and I learned a lot from it, such as Shinto, temple, anime and games, car industry. The Nokonoshima island made the relationship between us and tutors closer. Also, we enjoyed vacations and weekend with tutors or host family, which made the day in Fukuoka full of happiness.

SIJ has already ended for about 2months but I still remember everything clearly. I often think of the nice people I met in Fukuoka and we keep connected in facebook. I don’t know if I have chance to meet together but I will never forget them. Recently I often think of the words Hiroko sensei told us in the first day,“一期一会”. I will cherish the beautiful memories in my mind.

Xin Li
Beihang University

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