What is SIJ?

What is SIJ?

Summer in Japan (SIJ) is a 4-week, summertime, intensive study abroad program that Kyushu University offers for credit to students from around the world. Designed for undergraduate-level students in all academic fields, SIJ offers participants a comprehensive package of resources, opportunities, and hands-on experiences to become familiar with, or further deepen their understanding of, Japan in today's social, cultural, political and economic contexts. Using English as the primary medium of instruction, SIJ offers participants both traditional in-class academic coursework and off-campus activities for experiential learning.
Together, both types of activities facilitate, in an intensive and effective manner, participants' understanding of contemporary Japanese society and culture.

SIJ is based on Kyushu University's rich and successful 16-year legacy of offering the intensive summer program known as Asia in Today's World (ATW). From 2001 through 2016, the University enjoyed offering ATW as its flagship summer program. ATW concluded in 2016 upon the University's strategic decision to develop an alternative, successor program – SIJ – that is designed to be accessible to a wider range of international students in terms of their levels of prior knowledge and familiarity with Japan's contemporary society and culture. SIJ is also designed to tap into local resources more closely, in order to provide participants with more intensive experiential learning opportunities.
This Program Description will first inform you of the basic profile of Kyushu University, the host university of SIJ, and Fukuoka City, the home-base of Kyushu University.
It will then describe the contents and details of SIJ2018, and provide information about how to apply for this study abroad program.


Kyushu University is among the top-ranked, highly renowned, national universities in Japan. Originally founded in 1911 as one of the country’s seven imperial universities, the University has continuously thrived for over a century as one of the leading institutions of higher education and research not only in Japan but also across Asia. Today, Kyushu University consists of 12 undergraduate schools, 18 graduate schools, 5 research institutes and a hospital for comprehensive care. With Ito Campus as its new main campus, the university offers high quality education and engages in cutting-edge research at five campuses located from the east to west outskirts of Fukuoka City. The total enrollment was approximately 19,000 students, including nearly 2,300 international students from more than 80 countries around the world. For more information about Kyushu University, please access: https://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/en/


The home of Kyushu University is Fukuoka City, one of Japan's hubs of economy, culture and education, located in the country's southwest. Fukuoka is a pleasant coastal city of about 1.5 million residents of diverse backgrounds and is the largest metropolis of Kyushu Island, one of the four major islands of Japan. Rich in history, culture and business, it is also an internationally recognized popular city: Monocle Magazine, a UK lifestyle magazine, ranked Fukuoka as one of the world's top- 10 best cities in its 2014 ‘Quality of Life’ World Survey. Also, thanks to its favorable location close to other major countries in Asia, including China, Korea and Taiwan, from ancient times Fukuoka City has prospered as a gateway to continental Asia. For more information about Fukuoka City, please access: http://www.city.fukuoka.lg.jp/english/