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List of the Administrative Offices (for researchers/teachers)

 The Counseling and Health Center is a university organization that seeks to maintain and promote the mental and physical health of students, staff, and faculty members at Kyushu University, to ensure that the campus is safe and comfortable for everyone, and to foster self-reliance and growth among students through the provision of counseling services. These services are provided by physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, and faculty members who specialize in physical education.

 As mentioned before, Counseling and Health Center offers health consultations to students. But the treatment which it is able to give to students has its limit. If you need to receive specialized treatment, you are advised to go to the doctor of the respective department in Kyushu University Hospital. Each branch of the institute can give you introduction on your need.
 Please bring the referral letter written by the institute when you go to Kyushu University Hospital.

 The Information Infrastructure Initiative (III) at Kyushu University was introduced in 2007 to provide IT services to university students and faculty staff members as well as external users and partners.
 Please see the website if you’d like to know how to use PC on campus, e-mail system and wireless LAN etc.

ISC provides Japanese Language Courses for international students, counseling etc.

University Co-op provides “Tuo Card” (Credit Card) service etc.

Campus information provided by Support Center!
(How to use the dining hall etc.)