Ito Campus-Big Dora

Big Dora

Cafeteria, LAWSON, Book store, and ATM


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Big Dora Cafeteria

You will find ticket machines and menu lists when you enter the cafeteria.

ビッグどら食堂 ビッグどら食堂 ビッグどら食堂

Buy a food ticket and give it to the staff

2nd Floor

2nd Floor

2nd Floor – light meal section

2nd Floor - light meal section

1st Floor

1st Floor 自由に利用できるセルフサービスの調味料やスパイス

Eating space in cafeteria
食堂 食堂 食堂 食堂
After the meal, take dishes to the “dish return” section.

Big Dora Lawson

lawson lawson lawson

Kinokuniya Book Store @ Big Dora

紀伊国屋書店 紀伊国屋書店

ATM @ Big Dora