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Kyushu University Dormitory

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*Emergency call unit operational instructions

*Please see internet environment of each accommodation from here.

How to get to the Dormitories from Fukuoka Airport

How to get to the Dormitories from Fukuoka-Airport

Zoom Event: “How to get to the Dormitories from Fukuoka Airport”

On-Campus Housing Application Outline for international students

The period of residence in a dormitory is up to 6 months as a rule. For exchange students, and students who join the short-term program within a year, and research students, the period of their residence should correspond to the term of their program or the terms of their enrollment.
Support Center will hold an orientation of the private apartments for the international students who have to move out of Kyushu University dormitories about 2 months before their moving out.
Also, it is recommended to find an apartment introduced by the real estate agency which associates “Housing Guarantor System for International Students in Fukuoka”.


Designated Dormitory of Kyushu University

 *Designated Dormitory is a private housing selected by Kyushu University, with convenient conditions for new international students, though its monthly rent is more expensive than Kyushu University Dormitory. For new international students, we will do our best to arrange you a room of Kyushu University Dormitory at your request. However, due to a limited number of rooms, you may be allotted a room of Designated Dormitory. Besides, there might be the case there is no available room depending on the vacant room condition. In that case you are required to find a private apartment by your own. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.
※Moving-in condition or the room interior of Designated Dormitory may be subject to change without prior
※Available Designated Dormitory depends on the vacant room condition in a moving-in period, hence you are
 not guaranteed to be able to move in the dormitory of your choice.

【Hakata ward】

【Minami ward】

【Chuo ward】

【Sawara ward】

【Onojo city】

Public Residences

 The following are public residences established by local public organizations. Applicants should apply directly.

1. Fukuoka Municipal Housing

Inquiry: Fukuoka Municipal Housing Providing Corporation (Tel. 092-271-2561)
Application Period: February, May, August and November

2. Fukuoka Prefectural Housing

Inquiry: Prefectural Housing Management Room, Fukuoka Prefectural Housing Providing Corporation (Tel. 092-781-8029)
Application Period: March, June and October
You can get an application form at the municipal office of the city or ward.

Housing Guarantor System

1. New Housing Guarantor System for International Students in Fukuoka

(The Original Guarantor System provided by Kyushu University is no longer available as of January 31st, 2020)

2. Kyushu University Co-op Guarantee System (International Students and Researchers)

Kyushu University Co-op provide guarantor service system when you choose an apartment introduced by the Co-op upon contracting. Inquire at the Kyushu University Co-op (in charge of a residence) for details.

 Inquiry:Kyushu University Ito Campus   TEL: 092-805-7700