Dormitory2-Shared Room for 2 students


20 Shared Rooms for 2 students area of 43.00㎡
Desk, Chairs, Bookshelf, Bed, Shoe closet, Closet, Mini-Kitchen (with fridge), Air conditioner, Bath/Washroom (with Bathtub, shower, toilet, & sink), Interphone, TV terminal, Internet terminal, and Washing machine

* You need to apply for the internet. Rent doesn’t include Internet access fee. For further information, please contact a manager after moving in.

** Please note that the internet access is not available before the application. If you need to use internet soon after moving in, please use the facility in the liberary at each campus.

Rent: 27,750 yen per month *per person
Common service fee: 2,250 yen per month *per person
Utility fee : Actual cost
*Utility fee for a room is equally divided and each student should pay.
Deposit (first month only) : 30,000 yen *per person
*You need to pay at the time of entry and it will be paid back only if there are no damages and breakages when you move out.
Rental Beddings (for 6 months) : 5,500 yen *per person
*All residents are obliged to rent beddings. [content] a bed sheet, a coverlet, a pillow, and sheets and a pillowcase for each item, a blanket (7 items)