Ito Kyosokan-Single Room


Facilities:Desk, Chair, Bed, Airconditioning, Closet, Kitchen, Fridge, Microwave oven, 
     Bath/Washroom, Interphone, TV terminal, Internet terminal, Curtains
551 Single rooms  area of 17.00㎡
Rent:16,500 yen per month
Common service fee:4,500 yen per month
Utility fee:actual cost
Deposit(first month only):30,000 yen
*You need to pay at the time of entry and it will be paid back only if there are no damages and breakages when you move out
Rental Beddings (for 6 months):5,500 yen
*All International Students must rent beddings. [content] a bed sheet, a coverlet, a pillow, and sheets and a pillowcase for each item, a blanket (7 items)