bk_Ito Kyosokan-Single Room


Facilities:Desk, Chair, Bed, Airconditioning, Closet, Kitchen, Fridge, Microwave oven, 
     Bath/Washroom, Interphone, TV terminal, Internet terminal, Curtains
551 Single rooms  area of 17.00㎡
Rent:16,500 yen per month
Common service fee:4,500 yen per month
Utility fee:actual cost
Deposit(first month only):30,000 yen
*You need to pay at the time of entry and it will be paid back only if there are no damages and breakages when you move out
Rental Beddings (for 12 months):10,000 yen
*All International Students must rent beddings. [content] a bed sheet, a coverlet, a pillow, and sheets and a pillowcase for each item, a blanket (7 items)