During your stay / Daily life

1.Procedures in Kyushu University

【Information for international students】

Issuance of certificates

It would take about a few days to issue and it is advisable to apply well in advance.

 The “Student Card” is issued to degree students, while the “ID Card” is issued to research students or other non-degree students by the Student Section at your department. You are required to carry it all the time in order to use university facilities (libraries, etc.) as well as attend lectures and take examinations.

 The certificate of Enrollment is required for visa extension, application for scholarship and public housing. The certificate of Enrollment can be obtained at the Student Section of your department. Automated Certificate Issuing Machine is also available (for regular students).

Commuting Discount Eligibility Certificate /Certificate for Student Discount Ticket

 Degree students can issue it by the automatic certificate issuing machine and non-degree students can apply at the Counseling and Health Center.
You cannot get it if you don’t take the medical checkup on campus. Please be sure to take it because the medical certificate will be needed when you apply for scholarships or do job hunting.
Degree students can issue the certificates noted above by the automatic certificate issuing machine.
 A transcript is required for scholarship application. It can be issued by the Student Section of the department concerned.

Certificate of Scholarship for Self-supporting International Students

Scholarships for self-supporting international students

Japanese Training courses (JTC) for international students at Kyushu University

is provided by International Student Center.


Counseling Room for international students

      *Counseling Room for international students(2017.4-2018.3)

  There is a counseling room in the International Student Center where international students can consult about study and daily life. Feel free to consult a counselor anytime you have difficulties with your study, enrollment, accommodations, visa permission, an accident, or illness, family matters (Japanese language study by your family or children’s entrance to school) and other concerns that you cannot resolve or consider with your academic advisor. All consultations with counselors are kept completely confidential.
 Please make an appointment by either e-mail or telephone in advance.


Courses in English

【Information for international researchers and teachers】

2.Procedures at Immigration Bureau

3.Procedures at Ward Office

Notification of the address

 If you change your residence, please be sure to bring your residence card to the municipal office of new residence.

4.Daily life

Students Association in Kyushu University regarding international exchange

Kyushu University Foreign Students Association (KUFSA)
Kyushu University International Friendship Association (KUIFA)

Kyushu University Student Clubs and Circles (Japanese only)

      *Student Clubs and Circles Guide (English)

Off-campus Japanese Language Classes by Volunteers in Fukuoka



Ecole Card

Driver’s License(International Affairs Department Website)

About riding bicycles

Hospitals and Clinics


【Disaster and Disaster Prevention】
You can learn how to protect yourself in times of disaster (Earthquakes/ Tsunami/Typhoons/Floods).

5. Leaving Japan