Necessary procedures before leaving Japan

Necessary procedures before leaving Japan

Checklist of necessary procedures before leaving Japan

Please click here to download “Checklist of necessary procedures before leaving Japan”

Setting and report of a departure date

  Before you book a flight ticket, you are required to make sure of scholarship payment/sign-up schedule in order and accordingly to set a departure date later than a last scholarship payment date. After fixing the departure date, please surely report it to a student section of your affiliated department.

Registration to Alumni Database

  You are required to input your personal information(new address, occupation, place of employment, etc.) to Alumni Database in order to receive publications from Kyushu University(University newsletter or Former International Students List, etc.) and to keep in touch with other graduates.

Personal ID/PW will be provided at the time of graduation from your affiliated department. In case you forget or do not have your ID/PW, please contact your affiliated department.

Moving-out of a university dormitory or a private apartment

  You are required to notify dormitory managers or a real estate agency of your moving-out date beforehand (usually 1 to 2 months in advance) in accordance with the contract. If the notification is not carried out appropriately or late, additional room charges may be deducted from the deposit. It is also required to clean up the room and have the room checked by dormitory managers or a real estate agancy on the moving-out date. If you are using a rented parking space or a storage room, you are also required to notify and terminate the contract.

Disposal of bulk trash and recycled home electronics

  Disposing bulk trash such as home furniture, home electronics or bicycle is charged and is required to follow community rule of your residence. Please find community rule of each residence in the following links.

【Disposal procedure of bulk trash】
Fukuoka city: only)

Kasuga city: (Japanese and Google translation available)

Onojo city: only)

  Recycled home electronics such as air-conditioner, TV, refrigerator or washing machine are not taken care of by a city office. Please contact a retail shop where you purchased these items or the nearest “Best Denki”.

Cancellation of Co-op membership

  Membership fee of Co-op will be refunded to you after cancellation. In case of Spring graduation, special counter by Co-op for cancellation of membership will be held in every March at the cafeteria of each campus. Please check the location and visit there with the following required items. In case of fall graduation, please visit a service counter of the nearest Co-op store. only)
【Required documents】

●Residence Card
●Student ID Card
●Personal Seal (if you have)
●Application form

Procedures at a city(ward) office

  Please visit, with required documents, a city office to go through following procedures within 14 days prior to your departure.
【Required documents】
●Residence Card
●Personal Seal (if you have)
●National Health Insurance Card
●National Pension Handbook(Subscriber only)
●Notification Card or Individual Card of “The Social Security and Tax number System”

  Please submit a notification of moving out to a resident registration section. If this is not carried out appropriately, you might be charged additional National Health Insurance fee even after your departure.

  You are required to return Notification Card/Individual Card to a resident registration section. Please refer to following URL for the detail of “The Social Security and Tax number System”, as know as “My number”.

  Please cancel National Health Insurance by returning National Health Insurance Card at a section-in-charge and settle any outstanding payments.

  Please cancel National Pension Registration at a section-in-charge. If you have Japanese National Pension coverage period under certain conditions, you can apply for Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment.

Payment of utility fee, internet fee and cellphone charge

  You are required to notify all suppliers of public utilities before a moving-out date to cancel the contract and settle any outstanding payments. It goes similarly to a cellphone and internet service.


Kyushu Electric Power Co.

(Internet application)

(Telephone application)

Fukuoka city East ward:0120-986-204

Fukuoka city Central ward, Fukuoka city Hakata ward:0120-986-205

Kasuga city, Onojo city:0120-986-207

Ito area:0120-986-206


Seibu Gas Co.: only)
(Telephone application)092-633-2345


Fukuoka City Waterworks Bureau: only)

(Internet application) only)
(Telephone application)092-532-1010

【Cellphone company】
Please visit a cellphone company with cellphone, Residence Card or Passport, and Personal Seal (if you have).

Docomo: only)




  You are required to notify internet provider and ensure to return Modem/Router if rented. First of all please make sure of cancellation procedure more than 1 month in advance.

Closure of a bank account

  Please visit a bank with Bankbook, Cash Card, Personal Seal and Residence Card, and go through closing procedure. Please make sure of the following points before closing a bank account.

●If scholarship payment in the last month into your bank account is successfully carried out
●If payment of utility fee or mobile phone charge in the last month by bank transfer is successfully carried out

【Business hours of a service counter】

Bank:9:00-15:00(Mon to Fri except for national holidays)
Post office:9:00-16:00(Mon to Fri except for national holidays)

Termination of credit card contract

  You are required to call credit card company and make sure of the amount of outstanding payments as well as a method of payment.
It goes similarly to Tuo Card obtained through Co-op; please visit Co-op store to confirm cancellation procedure.

Cancellation of bicycle theft prevention registration

  Please visit the nearest police station to cancel registration.
【Required items】
●Registration Card
●Residence Card or Passport

Return of Residence Card

  Please return Residence Card to a departure counter or Immigration office at the airport. In case you forgot to return it for some reason, please send it to the following address by mail.
  *If you fail to return it, you may be punished with a fine.
【Destination of return by mail】
Odaiba Branch Office, the Tokyo Immigration Bureau Tokyo Port Joint Government Building 9F, 2-7-11 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064
(Please write “The residence card to be returned” on the face of the envelope)

■For those who leave Japan
 There are many procedures to carry out including those mentioned above. Especially you are obliged to settle up all required payments. If you leave Japan without having them complete, it will not only cause a lot of trouble to your guarantor or a supervisor but also to discredit the reputation of your home country