After Arrival

1. Procedure at Passport Control (Immigration Bureau)

2. Access from airport to each campus/accommodation

3. Procedures at the ward office

Notification of your address (since July 9th, 2012)

 Those who have received a residence card at a port of entry/departure*1 are asked to visit the city/ward office where they live with their residence card, and notify the Ministry of Justice where they live within 14 days of finding a place to settle down. 
 *1: This includes those in possession of a passport stating “Residence card will be issued at a later date”. In such a case, please be sure to bring your passport to the office.

■Necessary Documents


 *Those who have moved into a new residence 

 A mid- to long-term resident who has changed his/her place of residence is asked to bring his/her residence card to the municipal office of his/her new residence and notify the Ministry of Justice of the new residence within 14 days of moving to the new residence.

■Necessary Documents

  • Notification of the address (obtainable from municipal office of the city or ward)・for Fukuoka city (sample of description in English) /・for Onojo city (Sample)
  • Notification Card of My number
  • Certificate of moving out (Tenshutsu Shomei Sho)
    *If you change your address in the same city/town (e.g. from Higashi ward to Nishi ward in Fukuoka city), you are not required to submit it.

My Number System

“The Social Security and Tax Number System” has been enforced in Japan since October 2015. In this new system, one number (12 digits) will be issued individually to every person possessing a resident record, including international students and researchers residing in Japan. This number, so called “My Number”, will be used for administrative procedures related to Social Security or Taxation etc.
 Please find more detailed information here.

National Health Insurance

Since July 9th, 2012, all foreign nationals who granted permission to stay for 3 months or more may enroll in the National Health Insurance Plan. With this insurance, the insured can receive benefits for medical charges:

  • 70% of the total charge is borne by the city.
  • If the amount of the charge to be paid for one hospital in one month (30% of the total medical charge) exceeds determined sum of money the exceeded is borne by the city.

Although you need to pay monthly premiums, this plan is very beneficial for you, especially in case of serious illness or hospitalization. Enrollment in the National Health Insurance Plan is to be carried out at the municipal office of the city or ward after the completion of “notification of of place of residence”. Consult with them about your monthly premiums as those are tied to your earnings in the last year. Payment of the premium can be made at a bank, post office or by bank account transfer. Electronic payment by bank or post office account is convenient.
For details, please ask at the municipal office of the city or ward.
*Click here for information on National Health Insurance Card and Premium Invoices.

■Necessary Documents

  • Notification of enrollment (obtainable from municipal office of the city or ward)・for Fukuoka city
  • Residence Card
    *Those who do not receive a residence card and are in possession of a passport stating “Residence card will be issued at a later date” need to bring their passport.

National Pension System

There is a system which students can apply for extension of national pension premiums, which is called “Special Payment System for Students.”
If you wish to apply for “Special Payment System for Students”, please contact Itoshima City Hall, ward office in Fukuoka-City or the nearest Pension Office. When you contact the office, please prepare your studentID card.

4. Procedures off campus

Opening a Bank Account

To open a bank account, you will need ID, such as your residence card, which officially certifies your address, name and date of birth. International students are required to show Student ID Card. Please note that you may be requested to open an account at a specific bank if you are receiving some scholarship (e.g. Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship students need to open JP bank.)

Purchase of a Mobile Phone

 To purchase a mobile phone, you are required to open a bank account in advance.


5. Procedures on campus

【only for students】


 Emergency Secure Plan (ESP) is not health insurance, and does not substitute for or replace NHI, in which you, as a Kyushu University international student, are also required to enroll. It will provide assistance with finding medical treatment for you, help you communicate with medical staff, and more, but it will not cover any of the costs of medical treatment.

   If international students need medical attention for the illness or accident etc., ESP can provide…

   -Reference to an appropriate, nearby medical facility
   -Interpretation at, or on the way to/from, a medical facility via three-way conference call
    (English, Chinese and Japanese)       ……etc.

   When the international students reach the emergency, it will arrange the contact to international students’ family, and also transportation from home country to medical institutions in coverage.

   International students who are enrolled in Kyushu University are required to join the “ESP” and have to pay its membership fee 1,000 yen/year by credit card or at a convenience store. *Handling fee will be charged additionally per payment.

   For further details, please find the flyer “Emergency Security Plan (ESP).”

 Support Center will hold on this orientation twice a year (Beginning of April/End of September or Beginning of October). Please be sure to attend this orientation so that you can get a lot of important and useful information about living in Japan.
 Counseling and Health Center offers all the students an annual medical checkup in April and October. You are strongly advised to undergo the checkup regularly and take good care of your health. Medical certificate can be issued free as occasion demands if you have done it. *It can be issued by the automatic certificate issuing machine if you are a regular student. Please contact the Institute of Health Science when you need the certificate in English.

Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)

This insurance is a nation-wide insurance plan for students and it covers medical fees when you get injured during university activities (e.g. lectures, experiments/practical trainings, extracurricular activities) and while commuting to school or when in transit between university facilities. It is necessary for all Kyushu University students to be enrolled in this insurance plan when they enter Kyushu University. For further details, please contact the General Education Support Division in Ito campus, the School Life Support Section of the Student Support Division in Hakozaki campus or the Student Section in your department.