“Rice Cake Making Festival” Minami-kaze School District exchange program


 Hello international students at Kyushu University.
 Exchange program with local kids in Minami-Kaze school district in Itoshima city will be held as follows. In the program, you can experience Japanese rice cake making as well as enjoy the exchange with local kids through the food education classroom.
 This program will surely be the meaningful experience for all of you. Your participation will be highly appreciated.

【日時/Date & Time】
 March 4 (Sun), 2018, am.10 – pm. 1
 糸島市立南風小学校(〒819-1137 福岡県糸島市南風台8-10-1)
 Minami-kaze Elementary school in Itoshima city (8-10-1, Minami-kaze dai, Itoshima city, Fukuoka pref,
【募集人員・締切/Number of participants & Deadline】
 10名程度(先着順) 10 participants accepted (First-come, first-served basis)
 2018年2月15日(木) February 15 (Thu), 2018
 午前9時30分 am. 9:30
 JR九州筑前前原駅改札口を出たところ In front of a ticket gate of JR Chikuzen Maebaru station
 *Event organizer will give you a ride from the station to the venue. *15-20 minutes walk distance
 南風校区子ども会育成会連絡協議会 Minami-kaze schood district child rearing association
 会長 金子周造 Chairman Mr. Shuzo Kaneko
 ・While lunch will not be provided, rice cakes will be served as souvenir.
 ・Part of travel expenses will be covered by QUO Card provided.
  Please bring your personal seal to receive it.
 ・Please bring indoor shoes or slippers for recreations in Gymnasium