[IMPORTANT UPDATE] Japan`s 100,000 Yen Stimulus Check (Special Cash Payments) Distribution


給付対象者欄のチェックボックスに注意!/The Ultimate Stimulus Check Guidance


The City of Fukuoka has posted a, “how to guide” on their web-page, for filling out applications for the Stimulus Check (Special Cash Payments).

Please follow the link below for more information:


*Please note that the information provided above is that of City of Fukuoka. This means that if you live outside of Fukuoka City, your application form may
differ while having similarities to the examples posted on Fukuoka City’s web-site. Please use this information as a loose guide rather than a direct resource.

[Contact] *Kyushu University will not be collecting inquires regarding this email.

For inquiries, please contact the special advice line for Fukuoka City citizens.
This multilingual service is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Nepalese.

Open weekdays 9:00 – 18:00 and will also available on weekends and public holidays throughout May and June.

Tel: 092-401-0826


*Please note that the Application Form for the 100,000 Yen Stimulus Check (Special Cash Payments) will be mailed to the physical address that you have registered with the City Ward Office. If you have not registered/updated your current physical address with the City Ward Office, then you may fail to receive the application form.

*It is also conceivable that fraud and the like will be disguised as payment.

The municipality in which you live, the Japanese government, etc. will never ask you to operate an automatic teller machine (ATM), or ask for a transfer of fees for your 100,000 yen stimulus check.
Never give your personal information, bank information, cash card, PIN, etc. to others.

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