[Update!] Apartment Orientation for Students Moving Off-Campus: Spring Semester, 2021












Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, our team at Kyushu University has made the decision to postpone the, “Apartment Orientation for Students”, originally commenced on a yearly basis.

Please continue reading, to observe the changes made and the attached files.

Our team has prepared the, “Rules for Housing and Living for International Students”, which offers an extensive amount of information for your next chapter in apartment searching; from, “How to Search for an Apartment”, to “Precautions and Tips for Living in an Apartment”, Etc. It is our hope that this information will guide our International Students, who are moving at the end of August, in finding their new homes.

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Rules for Housing and Living for International Students

For any questions or concerns regarding apartment searching, please contact the real estate agencies listed in the “Kyushu University: Apartment for International Students” (Applicable Real Estate Companies for “Special Plans for Kyushu University International Students”) section of the, “Rules for Housing and Living for International Students”. Please utilize the inquiry form to email and contact the real estate companies, which many are multilingual and are excitedly waiting your emails.

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Inquiry Form:Kyushu University Apartment for International Students

In closing, the COVID-19 has tested us to work together in these uncertain times, and surely, our best of days are still ahead of us. Kyushu University will continue to move forward with our students at the forefront of every decision we make.

*All inquiries regarding housing and apartments are to be made to the real estate companies.

Kyushu University, International Student Exchange Division