Japanese Training Courses (JTCs) at Ito Campus (Non-credit)

このコースは九州大学に在籍し、伊都キャンパスで学習や研究をしている留学生(学部生・大学院生・研究生・交換留学生、含む)が主な対象です。専門分野に取り組む傍ら、日本語も初歩から学んでみたい、もしくは日本語力をさらに向上させたい学生などのための課外補講コースです。 These courses are available primarily for international students - including those at both undergraduate and graduate levels and in the categories of student researchers and exchange students - whose daily student lives are based in and around this campus area. These courses are designed for extra-curricular, training purposes; you may consider taking these courses if interested in learning Japanese language as a beginner or in continuing to develop your proficiency in Japanese while pursuing the regular academic work of your major or specialization.

開講場所 Course Location

伊都キャンパス センター5号館 Center Zone 5 at ITO Campus

対象学生 Eligible students

博士課程・修士課程・研究生・交換留学生 Doctor・Master・Research student・Exchange student

コース Course

1クラス90分×週2回×10週間 90-minute class, twice a week, 10 weeks

レベル level

7レベル(入門・初級1・初級2・初中級・中級1・中級2・中上級) 7 levels(Beginner, Elementary1&2, Pre-intermediate, intermediate1&2, Pre-Advance)


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While designed non-credit, this course issues completion certificates and marks of coursework performances for student’s reference. Exchange students who wish to be granted creit are required to make a request to theis respective home universities.

受講証明書 / Certification

集中日本語コース(日本語研修コース) Japanese Training for Advanced Studies (JTAS)

JTASは主に大学院生・研究生を対象としています。まず、約6か月間、集中的に日本語を勉強して、そのあと、大学院での研究に専念したい学生向けのコースです。 JTAS is available primarily for graduate school students and research students. This program is helpful for students who would like to focus on learning Japanese for the first 6 months or so and then concentrate on research at the Graduate School.
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