Program Fee

The program fee consists from the following list of costs.


  1. (All participants)Program Participation Fee for the University of Hawai`i at Manoa;  700USD
  2. (Non-Kyushu University students)Tuition fee for Kyushu University(2credits);  29,600JPY
  3. (Onsite program only) International airfare to and from Hawai`i, accommodation, study trips, meals and group airport pick-up/drop-off;  TBA

*Please note that the prices above are as of May, 2021 and excludes remittance charge.
*Payment method and due date will be informed to successful participants.

Payment waiver(Kyushu University students only)
The program participation fee (1) will be waived for top five students from Kyushu University based on their application documents and interview results. The next top 10 students will have their expenses (1) halved.