Understanding of Today’s Asia under Globalization (UTA)

Students from universities in the Asia-Pacific region will learn about common challenges facing the wider Asia region and the initiatives undertaken to solve these challenges by attending lectures (theory) and engaging in fieldwork (practice). The lectures will expose students to common global challenges as they acquire the ability to identify problems and find solutions to such problems. Specifically, they will deepen their understanding of issues such as religion and society, gender, international migration, and social movements through collaborative learning in the form of problem-based learning (PBL)/team-based learning (TBL) to cultivate their ability to formulate solutions on their own.

Topics and Lecturers (Sample)

  • This course is for two Kyushu University credit (KIKAN education intensive course/30 credit hours).
  • This course will be conducted in English.

Pre-learning 「Understanding the Global Agenda」(Kyushu University students only)

The objective is for students to understand various common challenges facing the international community today and seek solutions to these challenges. With a view to participating in the CAP program, students will acquire basic knowledge before they engage in problem-based learning (PBL)/team-based learning (TBL) collaborative learning. They will cultivate their abilities to actively participate in discussions and develop logical thinking skills.
*This course is a one-credit KIKAN intensive course. Kyushu University students who are not participating in the CAP may also take this course.

  • This course is for one Kyushu University credit (KIKAN education intensive course/summer semester)
  • This course is open for Kyushu University students only. CAP participants of Kyushu University must take this course as a pre-learning course.
  • This course will be conducted in English.

Requirement for Completion

Kyushu University students must take both the UTA and Pre-learning courses and three-credits will be given in total.

Participants must fulfill 85% attendance for the program and give a final presentation to complete the program.

Credit Transfer

Participants from universities other than Kyushu University can earn two credits from Understanding of Today’s Asia under Globalization (UTA).

Kyushu University will issue an official document showing completed courses along with credits earned by CAP participants. The official documents will be sent to each student by regular mail in a couple of months after the program. Please check with your university about the transferability of these credits.

English-language skills

Students applying for this program must possess English-language skills equivalent to, or above, TOEFL ITP 460. The entire program will be conducted in English, including reading assignments before and after class sessions and discussions with international students. Therefore, participants will spend 10 days studying in an intensive English-language environment.
We will welcome students who are eager to study through the CAP program and who hope to become an active member of the international community after completing the program even if they are not confident about their English skills at the time of application.


Timetable (Sample)

*Timetable is merely provisional and are subject to change.
*The finalized schedule will be provided to successful participants.

Program Brochure

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