JLCC 22nd Batch Mr. Suttipat Suwanchinda

My university seniors often told me: “Since you have been a Japanese language major student you should go studying aboard in Japan.” With that being said, which university should I choose? After consulting many seniors and teachers at my university, I decided to choose Kyushu University.

However, there was a problem, and it wasn’t that easy. I was supposed to go there when I was in my senior year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, I waited a year, applied again, and finally be able to go studying aboard when I was in my last year (super senior). Nonetheless, the first semester was an online class, and I finally went to Japan and took face-to-face classes in the second semester. Unfortunately, the number of international students decreased due to the coronavirus crisis, but I received very valuable experiences, made new friends, and enjoyed my lives in Japan.

In JLCC classes, not only Japanese and linguistics, but also culture and society such as Japanese sweets, Japanese musical instruments, and manga were taught; in addition, subjects in fields other than Japanese can also be chosen. The teachers were kind and as well as made learning fun. I made friends more than I expected. That’s not only the JLCC students, but also JTW students, people living in the same dormitory, international students from other programs, and Japanese friends, which I think it’s made a very nice community.

At Momochi Seaside Park, Sawara Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Furthermore, I have travelled a lot. Since attending Kyushu University, I recommend traveling all over Kyushu Island. Another advantage of Kyushu University is that because of being a Kyushu University student, traveling around Kyushu is something should be done. During Golden Week, there are exact 7 days off, and Kyushu has 7 prefectures, so I decided to travel to 1 prefecture per 1 day. Each of the seven prefectures has its own characteristics, such as people, dialects, gourmet, traditional sweets, transportation, urbanity, and unfamiliar places, and I have experienced many things.

Kyushu University is not a university that just provides knowledge; it is a place where you can meet nice people, travel and live in Japan, taste Japanese cuisine and Japanese sweets, and experience Japanese culture and society profoundly. From the reason above, I’m really glad that I went to study aboard here.

At Akama Shrine, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture


At Karatsu Castle, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture