Overview of Curriculum

1. Program Completion Requirements

JLCC students are required to fulfil the following requirements of 30 credits from October to August.

  • Compulsory subject: Independent Study Project (ISP, 2 credits)
  • Elective compulsory subjects (24 credits)
    • Japanese Language & Linguistics (12 credits)
    • Japanese Culture & Society (12 credits)
  • Elective subjects (at least 4 credits)
  • Japanese Language Courses (JACs)
Subjects 1st Semester
(Oct ‒Mar)
2nd Semester
(Apr -Aug)
Compulsory Subject Independent Study Project (ISP) 2 Credits (30 Hours)
Elective Compulsory
Japanese Language & Linguistics 12 Credits (180 Hours)
Japanese Culture & Society 12 Credits (180 Hours)
Elective Subjects Subjects regarding Japanese Society
and Culture offered for Undergraduate Students
by various departments at Kyushu University
4 Credits (60 Hours) or more

2. Academic Calendar

24th JLCC Academic Calendar(Japanese)

3. Subjects

3-1. JLCC Subjects

The schedule is subject to change

3-2. Japanese Subjects

The International Student Center offers following Japanese Academic Courses (JACs) in order to meet the diverse needs of international students at different skills and levels. JLCC students are eligible to take JACs. To take these classes, you will need to register and take a placement test in advance. For details of Japanese Language Courses, please visit the official website for International Student Center.

International Student Center


3-3. Elective Subjects

Elective subjects include the subjects offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science and the specialized subjects offered by the Undergraduate Schools of Letters, Economics, Education and Law. Students are required to select at least two subjects (4 credits) related to their major and Japanese level with their coordinator’s advice.

Syllabus at Kyushu University

4. Extra-Curriculum

4-1. Guest Lectures

To better meet the students’ needs, we also invite scholars, journalists to come to campus to give a series of guest-lectures on selected topics. We are planning to invite business administrators and those who are actively involved in various fields in Fukuoka in the future.

4-2. Study Trips and Other Activities

Study trips and other activities are provided to visit Japanese cultural sites and to have close contact with Japanese culture, history, and nature. The followings are annual events.
(The schedule is subject to change.)
  • Late September:
    Coming to Japan & Orientation trip
  • October:
    Opening Ceremony
  • November:
    Cultural exchange with local people (Harukaze Community Center)
  • December:
    Study trip to Dazaifu and Nagasaki
  • January
    Voice of Atomic Bomb Survivor
  • April:
    Study trip to Hita
  • May:
    Study trip to Yoshinogari
  • June:
    Visiting Elementary School
  • August:
    Closing Ceremony, Independent Study
  • Late August:
    Final Presentation, Departure for home


5. Grade Transcript & Certificate

Grade Transcript with all registered credits will be issued at the end of the program. The students who have completed the program completion requirements will be granted a certificate. Grade Transcript and Certificate are directly sent to the International Office at the home university. Enrollment Certificate are issued on the request basis from the home university.

6. Credit Transfer

Credits and grades earned on JLCC may be transferable to the home university academic record with the appropriate authorization. For details, please ask the International Office at the home university.