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This page is for incoming JTW students – those who have applied for the JTW Program and been notified by their home universities of their formal admission to the program. Please read this whole page carefully and thoroughly, including a PDF material linked to this page. This is the first step all incoming JTW students are required to make toward successful preparation for joining the program.

  1. Welcome to JTW!
  2. Guidelines for Course Selections & Registration

1. Welcome to JTW!

Many congratulations first on your decision to apply to the Japan in Today’s World program (JTW) and then on your official admission to JTW! Kyushu University has long and proudly offered this premier program to diverse bodies of international students from all over the world. JTW was founded in 1994 – perhaps before you were born! Welcome to you, the next link in this long-standing generational chain, as you become part of our dynamic and diverse community of international learning.

As you may be well aware out of this official website, JTW is enthusiastically designed as a package of very valuable living-and-learning experiences to facilitate your understanding of the culture, society, economy, and politics of Japan in today’s rapidly changing world. It means you will learn so much from what JTW offers and will grow as a member of the next generation of global leaders, equipped with first-hand experience of living and learning in Japan.

We are very much looking forward to closely working with you as a member of the Kyushu University Japan in Today’s World Program just in a few months. Get ready for a new, exciting chapter in your academic journey!


2. Guidelines for Course Selections & Registration

Please familiarize yourself with basic academic matters of the JTW Program including what courses you may enroll in, how to select the courses, and how to register the courses among others. Download “Guidelines For Course Selections & Registration” by clicking the bottom below and read the entire material cover to cover as soon as you are notified of your formal admission to the program.

Guidelines For Course Selections & Registration