A life-changing opportunity for my career

JTW was a life-changing opportunity for me. My year at Kyudai provided a significant boost to my career as an international trade lawyer. Among other things, it helped me be selected as the only White House intern to travel with Vice President Gore to the Kyoto Protocol, was an important factor when I was hired as a new lawyer by a major international law firm, and contributed to my appointment as a diplomat stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. Twenty-five years later, I remain grateful to the people of Japan, and especially Fukuoka, for both their generosity and kindness.

Christopher Cloutier, J.D.
JTW 1994-1995 (The 1st Class)
International Trade Lawyer based in Washington D.C., USA
George Washington University (USA)
University of Michigan (USA)

Christopher Cloutier, J.D.