Let’s Get Started On Your JTW Year/Semester!

1. Do I Qualify for JTW?


You are eligible to apply for the JTW program if you currently meet all of the following four criteria:

  1. You are enrolled in an accredited undergraduate degree program outside Japan;
  2. You will have completed at least one academic year of higher education program (college) prior to starting the JTW program;
  3. You have a strong academic record (successful applicants usually have a GPA of 3.2 or higher); and
  4. You have the necessary English proficiency—non-native speakers must achieve a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (PBT) or 213 (CBT), 79 (IBT), or IELTS 6.0.

Postgraduate students (e.g., students in a master’s degree program) may apply for JTW. Please bear in mind, however, that the JTW program is designed primarily for undergraduate level study of Japanese culture, society and language.

2. Application Materials & Deadlines


To apply for JTW, first, should ask your supervisor at International Office, your home University.

Application Schedule

Application Deadline Result Notification
Fall Admission February 10 Mid April
Spring Admission November 10 Early January


Please submit all the application materials in a timely manner. Your application will be closely reviewed by the JTW selection committee, which consists of faculty members of Kyushu University International Student Center

Please bear in mind that competition for places on the JTW program can be intense; make sure to fill out the form and prepare other materials with great care and to give due thought to your essay and project proposal.

3. Visa & Arrival


Once you receive notice from the JTW Office that your application has been approved by the JTW selection committee, it is time to start making preparations for your arrival in Fukuoka, Japan.

As soon as your application is accepted, Kyushu University International Student & Researcher Support Center (Support Center, for short) will help you apply for a student visa, reserve a dormitory room, and arrange pick-up service at Fukuoka International Airport (FUK). This process will all be done online.

Therefore, please look for email messages from the Support Center, to come soon, informing you about how to proceed. Should you have questions or difficulty with any part of this process, please contact the Support Center at:


You will receive from Kyushu University (The JTW Office/Support Center) your Certificate of Eligibility form by early September (for one-year or fall-only participants) or by early March (for spring-only participants).

With this certificate, you should apply directly and immediately for a “college student” visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate that serves the area where you currently live. Although it typically takes only a couple of days (no more than a week) for this type of visa to be issued, you are urged to apply for it as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected delay. Please contact the embassy or consulate in early September or in early March to inquire about visa application procedures and fees, as these will vary from country to country.


Generally, you are expected to arrive in Fukuoka in the middle to end of September (for one-year or fall-only participants), or at the end of March (for spring-only participants). Kyushu University (The JTW Office/Support Center) arranges specific suggested dates of arrival and notifies you of them in advance.

Some staff members of the Support Center and the student tutors/supporters assigned to you will meet you at Fukuoka International Airport (FUK) and escort you directly to the residence hall where you are assigned to live.

4. Tuition, Tuition Waivers & Scholarships


In accordance with Kyushu University’s policy, you will be charged 14,800 yen (as of 2019) for each registered credit – a total of 177,600 yen (for 12 credits) per semester, payable at the start of the term.


You may be exempt from paying tuition, however, if your home university has an active university-wide student exchange agreement with Kyushu University that includes a mutual waiver arrangement and if you are nominated as an exchange student by your home university.

Ask your International Office if this waiver arrangement may apply to you. Most JTW participants in the past and today are exempt from paying tuition.


If your home university has a university-wide student exchange agreement with Kyushu University, you may apply for one of a small number of scholarships funded by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), an umbrella organization of the Japanese Ministry of Education.

You must indicate your interest, as noted on the JTW Program Application Form, when you apply for admission to JTW.

The JASSO award provides a monthly allowance of 80,000 yen, disbursed during your period of enrollment at JTW.

You are eligible to be nominated for the JASSO scholarship if:

  • Your home university has a university-wide student exchange agreement with Kyushu University;
  • You are nominated as an exchange student by your home university; and
  • You will not be receiving other substantial financial support to study in Japan.

Please note that mere eligibility for the JASSO scholarship does not assure the award, and that not all eligible applicants will be granted the scholarship due to limited available funding. See JASSO’s website for further details:

JASSO Website

5. Partner Institutions

Kyushu University has university-wide student exchange agreements (MOU) with many leading institutions around the world. Please access the following link to determine whether your home institution is one of them:

Kyushu University International Affairs Department