• Grown cross-culturally competent and self-disciplined

Grown cross-culturally competent and self-disciplined

JTW Program 2019 was the most valuable experience in my whole life. It helped me to discover myself and to shape my mind what I want to do and what I want to be in the future in our ever globalized world today. Now I see myself grown open-minded, cross-culturally competent, self-disciplined, and set to live my life as a committed life-long learner. I learned so much about why Japan works the way it does through many of the core courses and a series of study trips. Friendship I have made during my participation is another invaluable gift from the program. Through my unforgettable learning experiences, I’ve made a lot of friends, both inside and outside the program, who are from all over the world. I finished the program, but I firmly believe we will meet again in the future!

Fitria Dewi SUSANTI
JTW 2018-2019 (The 25th Class)
Gadjah Mada University