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Let’s Take JTW Core Courses for Credit!

So, does JTW interest you? Even if you are not a formal participant in the JTW program, you may still take JTW Core Courses for credit or just auditing. While designed primarily as JTW’s core component for academic learning, these courses are also offered as elective courses as part of the university’s general/KIKAN education curriculum to all students, including domestic students, degree-seeking international students, and non-JTW exchange students all across the campus.

The JTW program encourages you to come join the Core Courses, all of which are taught in English. While covering a variety of subjects from diverse disciplinary perspectives, all these courses are taught under the framework of global Japanology. You will learn about a variety of aspects of contemporary Japanese culture and society, not merely in themselves, but as part of our ever changing global society today and in the future from a constructively critical perspective.

The JTW Core Courses are an excellent learning resource to effectively widen your perspective on our world today through the lens of contemporary Japan. These courses will also offer you the opportunity to get to know and befriend JTW students, which will help enrich your daily student life here on campus as well as your academic learning in the classroom.

JTW Core Courses Class Period for Spring-Summer 2024

April 2 (Tue), 2024 – July 19 (Fri), 2024
Notes: Moodle (Kyushu University M2B) will be the primary tool for all the core courses.

JTW Core Courses Syllabi, Timetable and more

Please check important course information by clicking the following links. Confirm the information prior to the beginning of the course(s) of your interest:
JTW Core course List & Timetable for 2024 Spring Summer
Kyushu University Moodle
Notes: If you find a course of your interest, first please access the course’s Moodle site (via Kyushu University M2B) to check the course contents and clarify how to participate in the learning activities. Then, make sure to attend the first class session.

How To Register For JTW Core Courses in case of Non-JTW Exchange Students
*If you are a regular undergraduate student of Kyushu University, please check this page.

1) Obtain approval from the course instructor(s) to enroll in/audit the course(s) of your interest in advance of or during the first class meeting of each course (no signature from the instructor is required); AND

2) Click the link below to access an online registration form, fill it in online, and click “submit” after confirming all the information you type in.


Submission Deadline for the JTW Course Registration Form for Non-JTW Exhange Students

April 19 (Wed), 2024

Important Notes:

  • If you wish to register for JTW Core Course(s) for credit, please make sure to place a check mark on the “Enroll” option (as opposed to “Audit”) on the registration form and submit by the deadline as indicated above. Your registration will be invalid, otherwise.
  • Even if you wish only to audit any JTW Core Course(s), you are still required to follow all the two steps listed above. The same registration process applies to all international students including exchange students outside JTW.